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Kaiwara Trek Rocks!!!!  As the Karnataka Tourism’s tag line says “One State Many Worlds”, the state is truly rich in culture, heritage, cuisine, Wildlife, Spirituality and much more. I am fascinated by the landscapes of boulders and rocks all over the state. This is...

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HANDCRAFTED WITH LOVE As a little girl whenever I travelled, my father showed me the world, exactly how I had read and imagined. I have a very fond memory of how he strung stories about each station the train would stop at. He would epitomise the geography, culture,...

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Makali Durga Trek- An ideal day trek from Bangalore

The lush green trails, rocky hills, beautiful weather, dark clouds all over, view of a lake and other hills, ruins of a fort and a temple, the whole view is just so so mesmerising. I am here at Makali Durga Trek, a perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore for trekkers,...

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Travelling Tips post COVID -19 Lockdown – 2020

2020- The year of COVID-19 The year 2020 will be etched in history especially for the travel and tourism industry. Travel, hospitality, events and tourism came to a standstill. But ‘Once a traveller always a traveller’ and no one can stop a traveller from travelling....

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Kachori- The traditional breakfast in North India

KACHORI- THE TRADITIONAL BREAKFAST IN NORTH INDIA You call it Kachori or Khasta or Khasta Kachori, the taste of this lip-smacking breakfast delicacy will remain the same. No one knows how, when and where Kachori was originated but it is definitely either from...

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Age is just a number!!

If you think trekking/hiking for women is not everyone’s cup of tea after the age of 40, then you are mistaken. It’s you, who have to break this myth as I did.

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