Jeep Ride at Kodachadri Hills, Shimoga, Karnataka

Things to do and see in Shimoga – Unexplored Karnataka

Lush green Western Ghats, Coffee plantations and areca nut farming are what people know about the Malnad region of Karnataka. A very unstated region is also famous for its picturesque landscapes, ancient temples, heritage, wildlife safaris water sports, and adventure. Shimoga, Chikamagalur, and Hassan districts of Karnataka are the perfect examples of architectural marvels of the state. The mesmerizing craftsmanship and the intricate carvings from the Hoysala and Chalukya Dynasties can be appreciated in the centuries-old temples. Shimoga has many hidden gems which need to be explored. The unexplored Karnataka or the Malanad region has so much to offer. 
Shimoga or Malnad region can be planned anywhere from 4- 5 days to make sure that you do not miss out on anything. Comparatively a larger district can be best traveled by road or train. Embark on your journey with some adrenaline rush in the lap of nature.

Jet Skiing at Sharavathi Nature Camp, Jungle Lodges & Resorts, Shimoga, Karnataka

Water Trampoline at Sharavathi Nature Camp, Shimoga , Karnataka

Sharavathi Adventure Camp

Irrespective of your age, that is just a number; indulge in one of the best water sports activities in India. Get a thrilling and exciting experience in the lap of nature with beautiful landscapes by checking in to Jungle Lodges and Resorts’ amazing stay, also known as Sharavathi Adventure Camp. The beautifully landscaped and designed eco-friendly property facing the backwaters is a quaint place just in case you want to only relax or chill.  An exhilarating speed boat ride takes you to the middle of the backwaters giving the most scenic views of the hills in the background.
Explore an array of water-based adventure sports activities like Jet skiing, Kayaking, coracle boat riding, trampoline jumping, and pedal boating in backwaters. Enjoy the nature walk, a trek, and magical sunrise if you are an early riser. As the sun sets in, enjoy the evening with a sumptuous dinner along with a bonfire at the river banks.

Jog Falls, Shimoga, Karnataka

@Tanhadiltraveller at Jog Falls, Shimoga, Karnataka

Jog Falls- Keladi Temple- Ikkeri Temple

Wake up to the sound of chirping birds, the silence of the backwater’s melodious scream of peacocks, and indulge in a hot cuppa pure Malnad filter coffee with a view of a  dark yet beautiful overcast. With the sunrise travel in a jungle jeep to India’s most iconic Jog Falls. The glorious waterfall has breathtaking views post-monsoon and is the right time to visit.
Interested in history and heritage? You can not afford to miss the twin temples of Shimoga.  Built by Nayaks in the 15th century, Keladi and Ikkeri, Lord Shiva temples are exquisite examples of the architectural marvel of the times. An hour’s drive from Sharavathi towards Sagar, these two temples are just 20 km apart. Travelers can experience the exclusive craftsmanship and intricate carvings depicting various stories of the time.

Ikkeri Temple at Shimoga, Karnataka

Keladi Temple at Shimoga, Karnataka

Kimmane Golf Resorts

Enjoy a luxurious stay at Kimmane Golf Resorts, one of the best stay options in the region. Whether you play golf or not, you can still have a gala time at the resort that is self-equipped with facilities like water sports, a spa, a nature walk, and a coracle boat ride, and yes they do give basic lessons on golfing.  One of the largest growers of areca nut, Shimoga also allows a traveler to witness the amazing art of climbing an areca nut tree, processing nuts, and packaging them for further use. The amazing sight and the art of climbing a nut tree is an experience to cherish and be shared.
Relax and enjoy this luxurious stay at a slow pace, and relish the ultimate buffet spread of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Oh, I missed the mention of the evening high tea with the magical sunset.

Kayaking at Kimmane Golf Resorts

Golf Sessions at Kimmane Golf Resorts, Shimoga, Karnataka

Sakrebyle Elephant Camp- Kodachadri Hills- Arasalu Malgudi Museum

The forests are always the highlights of Karnataka. Start day 3 by visiting a home where an elephant with special needs is taken care of, treated for medical and behavioral disorders, or sick and needs attention and treatment. Visit Sakrebyle Elephant Camp, which is home to rescued elephants from the Shettihalli forests located on the banks of river Tunga. Travelers can experience elephant bathing for Rs 100 and can witness the feeding. There are 21 elephants in the camp right now and are brought every day to the camp between 8.30 am to 11.30 am from the jungle. They are left in Shettihalli forests to mingle with the other elephants for a speedy recovery.
Love mountains? But cannot climb or trek? Well, Kodachadri has something for you and even for those who love to hike or trek. A rocking and rough off-road jeep ride to Kodachadri hills is an adventurous and thrilling ride. The breathtaking and magnificent views of the Kodachadri hills will leave you spellbound.
Before retiring for the day, ensure you go back to memory lane by visiting Arasalu railway station. If you are a kid born or growing up in the 80s and 90s you can relate to this. Malgudi Days, a TV serial of the ’80s with some of the most exciting stories of a little boy Swami was shot here at Arasalu Railway station. The station is converted into a museum depicting stories from the series. The Arasalu railway station or Malgudi Museum will take back you to the times speaking stories of the noted writer R K Narayan. As you enter the museum, the iconic tune of the background music welcomes you.
I will plan another visit to Shimoga or Malnad region to have the most authentic Malanadu cuisine, which I missed relishing this time.

Elephants at Sakrebyle Elephant Camp, Shimoga, Karnataka

Malgudi Days Museum, Arasalu Station, Shimoga, Karnataka