If you are looking for media coverage for your destination, tourist attraction, property or Gourmet offerings TANHADIL is the right platform to reach out to the genuine and engaged audience.From articles, blog posts, social media mentions, photographs to videos, well develop content which not only gets you noticed but will be of interest to the readers and followers.I am open to working with Tourism Boards, Airlines, Hotels, Resorts, Homestays, and Food Chains, to form mutually beneficial partnerships to generate awareness and cover destinations, reviews, events, stay,  and food that might be of interest to my readers and followers.





Services offered
  1. Content Writing- Content Writing for your social media platforms, web portals, brochures etc.
  2. Influential Marketing– Engage and Influence to build your brand with our readers and followers through word of mouth.
  3. Social Media Marketing to create awareness and enhance visibility through social media.
  4. Digital Marketing  on various platforms for maximum reach.
  5. Destination Marketing– Promoting your destination new and repeat travellers by sharing experiences on the blog and social media.
  6. Events– Use our platform for your Events to reach out to maximum readers and followers.