Evening at Bheemeshwari Adventure Camp

Bheemeshwari Adventure and Nature Camp- an ideal weekend getaway for nature lovers

 It was our first experience in a coracle boat in the revered Cauvery River. The perfect and beautiful picturesque setting when the sun was about to set in, making the sky more dramatic than usual. The grey clouds filled with rain were playing hide and seek with the sun, making the whole ambiance dreamy. With the glorious sunset, a coracle boat ride, chirping of birds going back to their nests, the evening was surely telling many stories.  The hot tea with pakoras was waiting for us but we were in no mood to come back to the shore.
I was at Bheemeshwari in Karnataka’s beautiful jungle retreat. Jungle Lodges and resorts at Bheemeshwari are ideally located on the rocky banks of River Cauvery. We are always looking for a short-haul destination to spend the weekend amidst nature yet have some adventure. We in Karnataka are blessed to have many such ideal locations to spend the weekend in the lap of nature. Just 100 km away from Bangalore, Bheemeshwari Adventure and Nature Camp is the most sought holiday destination for its serenity and pristine location yet adventurous.
You cannot get enough of the gorgeous lush green landscape, several species of migratory and resident birds, deer, elephants, and crocodiles of course. Yes, crocodiles, you read it right. While we were sailing in a coracle boat enjoying the colorful hues of the dramatic sky, a crocodile at its full speed quietly moved just a furlong away from us. What a sight it was! The forests of Bheemeshwari give you a good sighting of deer, wild boars, and elephants; you just got to be lucky.   , Bheemeshwari is home to many such birds and animals.

Tented accommodation at Jungle Lodges & Resorts

Tents at Bheemeshwari

Things to do at Bheemeshwari

Just a decade ago, Bheemeshwari was popularly known as a fishing camp. Those who still do not know that fishing is no longer permissible at Bheemeshwari will be disappointed. But hold on! There are numerous activities which will not only keep you occupied all through your stay but also makes sure that you have the best time. Adventurous activities at Jungle Lodges Resorts are the main attractions and there are ample of them to suit the interest of everyone.

Love water?

Water-based activities like coracle ride, kayaking, or just soaking up your feet on the banks of a river admiring the nature, looking at the surrounding hills, or just sitting on the rocks and hearing the sound of the gushing river, which for me, is a melody, then Bheemeshwari is the place for you. During the monsoon or just after, the roar of gushing water is good enough to give you that adrenaline rush that you must have been craving for. Sit on the banks of the river and enjoy the flow.

Trek up to Basava Betta

Seeing most of us not so fit, our guide recommended a jeep ride uphill and trek back on the descent. Phew!!! Yes because I thought I would hike up too. Nonetheless, an early morning jeep ride admiring the glorious sunrise, crossing through the jungles, that soothing melodious koel, and other birds chirping, nice cool breeze took us to the viewpoint of Basava Betta. The magnificent views of River Cauvery and the surrounding hills from the Basava Betta were worth the climb and rising early.  The rising sun and a little mist were making the whole landscape very beautiful. We chose to descend by walk instead of the jeep and witnessed the marks and fresh poop of a tusker. Our friends who went down by jeep were lucky to have witnessed it. 

Coracle Ride

It was the sunset time and the beauty of that golden hour is overwhelming. The twilight of the sunset, the colorful play of the sky, chirping of birding going home was a dreamy setting. We were enjoying the ride on the poised and mesmerizing river Cauvery, it was then we saw a movement in the water. It was a crocodile moving at a full speed. The naughty me wanted to go closer and take a picture and a video for the social media but our man Friday didn’t allow it. Even from a distance, it was visible. Oh that perfect sailing, couldn’t take off my eyes from it.


Kayaking is a calmer water-based sports activity for those who love the serenity of serenity and tranquillity. A ‘do it yourself’ activity where you are not dependent on any help, just sail at your own pace and enjoy rowing amidst the beautiful landscapes all around. Build up those biceps and triceps while you enjoy the kayaking.

 River Rafting

Just after the monsoon i.e. between August to February is the best for river rafting in Bheemeshwari. This is the time when the river is in full swing yet rapids are calmer, enough to give you that adrenaline rush of river rafting.

Other Activities

Trust me you will fall short of time to complete and enjoy all the activities offered to you at Bheemeshwari Jungle lodges and resorts. It caters to every segment of travelers and makes sure that the guest has a gala while during the stay in the middle of a jungle. It is indeed a retreat with the activities like zip-lining, rappelling, Burma walk, and much more. I loved monkeying around climbing on the rope net, falling off, and climbing again. Let the child in you be always alive. Rock climbing is one activity that I love doing at any given point the time.


Wildlife at Bheemeshwari

Just being in nature itself is a treat for the body, mind, and the soul, and spotting wildlife is an added visual treat. There are signboards at various points mentioning the wildlife in and around the premises. I was a bit skeptical about how can we spot wildlife where a human habitat is present. To my surprise, we spotted deer, crocodiles, elephants, and a few reptiles. The amount of green jungle invites numerous resident and migratory birds making it look like an orchestra of melodies. Some of the birds we enjoyed seeing or hearing were a peacock, bulbul, woodpecker, kingfisher, eagle, and many more. There is no need for a morning alarm. You wake up hearing this pure melodious music, of course without any bass.

 Food in Bheemeshwari

Relish the staple and delicacies of Karnataka all three times a day. The check-in time at Bheemeshwari Jungle lodge is 1 pm. You are welcomed with an elaborate spread of local cuisine with desserts like Mysore Pak or Payasam. After a long drive and scrumptious food, you would seek your siesta. Evening tea /coffee is served with hot Bajjis overlooking the riverfront. Exhaustive dinner includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian Barbequed starters followed by a combination of north and South Indian meal.  After the trek or jeep safari, a combination of south Indian breakfast of Idly- Vada-sambhar, Upma, Dosa, Kesari Bath, along with the regulars like bread–omelet looks more than divine. Top up your breakfast with hot hot filter coffee or masala chai!

How to reach

A small town with amazing backdrops that lies between two roaring waterfalls namely Shivanasamudra and Mekedatu on the Cauvery River in Mandya District.  Bheemeshwari is approximately 100 km from Bangalore towards the Kanakapura exit. There are a few notice boards but in very small size. Make sure you do not miss them.

By Air

Bangalore is the nearest airport and is around 140 km from Bheemeshwari. One can take a cab or a bus on Kanakapura – Kollegal highway.

By Road

Traveling by road is the best way to reach Bheemeshwari either by bus or by vehicle. Public buses are available from most of the south Indian cities. Take a route via Kanakapura and Sathanur.

By Train

Again Bangalore is the closest railway station and from here one has to travel by road to reach Bheemeshwari.

Best time to visit

Although all seasons are good to visit and be in the lap of nature however August to February is the best season. March and April are summer months and it becomes very hot even though there is greenery all around. Monsoon months become too slushy and you will be stuck in the cottages. Post monsoon is the best season when there is lush greenery all around, the river is flowing in full swing to enjoy the water activities and the weather will be pleasant.
 Express Info: Relax and calm yourself down in the lap of nature. The stay in Jungle lodges, away from the hustle-bustle of city life rejuvenates you even if it is a stay for a day. A few quick checks before nestling yourself there:
  1. Make sure you do not play loud music or talk loudly, it might disturb the wildlife.
  2. Do not litter or carry any plastic.
  3. There is no mobile network in the areas where water activities are held or in the cottages. However, the resort wifi works.
  4. Wear clothes that merge with the forest colors like dark green, brown, beige, etc.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes.
  6. Make sure you take your binoculars, sunscreen lotions, hat, torch, and sunglasses as you would be spending a lot of time outdoors. It becomes hot during the daytime.

Wholesome meals at Bheemeshwari

Breakfast at Bheemeshwari

Trek Viewpoint at Bheemeshwari


Coracle Boat ride at Bheemeshwari

Jeep Ride at Bheemeshwari