“When was the last time you tasted a great burger?”

I remember the college days in Delhi when we used Bunk College to go to Connaught place just to have a Burger. I am talking of the early nineties, although burgers were a rage none of the international brands had ventured into the market. For us, the local bakery shops were making the best burgers. It was in the mid-nineties when multinational companies tried their hands at branded and speciality multi-chain outlets that were opened reaching customers to the closest vicinity.
The college-goers snack became a name for every segment of the market and subsequently a revolution. Bangalore being a cosmopolitan city craves all types of fast food. Burgers have always been popular in Bangalore and most of the major brands have had a presence for quite some time. The new entrant Louis Burger by restaurateur Zorawar Kalra has become a rage in no time in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai with its USP, which is its unique menu and limited-edition burgers. Delivering through cloud kitchen, Louis Burgers surely knows the taste buds of Bangalore people and delivers a platter of vegetarian and non-vegetarian burgers accompanied by well-curated recipes of onion rings and fries.

Farm House 

The highlight of Louis Burger is their limited-edition burgers – the Louis Grand Royal and Truffletake Burgers. For a vegetarian and a mushroom lover like me, Truffletake is the one. The right amount of fillings like Shitake mushroom, parmesan, cheddar and truffle mayo made every bite a fantastic treat for the palate. Oh wait, the burger is topped with a thin layer of gold varq (foil) to make it even more exquisite and is neatly packed in a hard box so the flavours and fillings remain intact when it reaches its lovers. Like others, Louis Burger doesn’t disappoint its vegetarian customers and makes sure they love the burgers as their counterpart non-vegetarians too. So, whether you have a party at home or just do not want to cook, just dial Louis Burger.
It includes choices like  Smash Buff Cheese Burger, Monster Cheese Burger and Vegan Gratitude Burger. Yes, you read it right. The Vegan option has the perfect amount and variety of condiments that make the burger delectable. An array of non-vegetarian burgers will confuse you to choose one to satisfy your taste buds.

Louis Grand Royal Burger

The Grilled AF Chicken Burger, Classic Chicken Burger, KFC Korean Fried Chicken Burger and a lot more are on the menu. With the right amount of fillings, those perfect soft buns and neatly packed burgers surely are the right choice to eat your burgers in your comfort zone without hassling much about the traffic chaos.
Undoubtedly, the OG burger is here to stay!!!
Being a cloud kitchen, Louis Burgers can be ordered through delivery partners like Swiggy, Zomato, and  Thrive. 


Image Courtesy  Louis Burger