Roads were made for Journeys not Destinations

Kareri Lake Trek- Complete guide for Trekkers

The Kareri Lake Trek- Trek to Serene Beauty amidst Dhauladhar Range Are you an avid trekker seeking a perfect blend of adventure and natural beauty? Look no further than the breathtaking Kareri Lake trek in the mesmerising Dhauladhar range of the Indian state of...

A Day Trip to Lepakshi

The place attracts not only pilgrims but also people with interest in history, architecture, archaeology and even adventurers.

Trek to Rajmachi Fort in the Western Ghats

Not just the magnificent view from the top, which provides you with an amazing misty lush green valley, the trek also takes you through the mesmerizing landscapes, trail and the dense forests. The trek is popular amongst trekkers, travellers and nature lovers.

Channagiri- A day trek for beginners

With the total height of approximately 1350 meters above the sea level, the trek to Channagiri is easy to moderate of about 3 km and takes about two to two and half hours to complete.

Honnemaradu- An Ecstasy for Adventure Enthusiasts

HONNEMARADU- An ecstasy for adventure enthusiasts

For those who are looking for a relaxed holiday with adventure Honnemaradu is the answer. An ideal place in the midst of serenity for adventure enthusiasts which offers everything like trekking, canoeing, boating, swimming in open waters, kayaking, camping and bonfire is Honnemaradu.

Neelakurinji- All the roads lead to Neelakurinji in 2018

2018 was the year of Neelakurinji blooming in the Western Ghats and no wonder why it was flooded with tourists and trekkers. It blooms once in 12 years.

Unplug yourself in Kookal

I am always looking at offbeat destinations or what we call it as experiential travel. Yes!  enough of doing all that touristy stuff be it Hill station, Beach or multi-storey skyline modern cities with new age attractions. I am always looking at challenging myself to...

Dholavira- Top things to see and do

Dholavira, Gujarat - Things to do and see A road trip is something I always look forward to and one of such on my bucket list was Kutch- Bhuj region. After studying Harappan history in school, I don’t think so I remembered anything. But recently when Dholavira was...

Vadnagar- Historical town in Gujarat

Hatkeshwar Mahadev Temple, Vadnagar, GujaratVADNAGAR- THE HISTORICAL TOWN IN GUJARATAbout Vadnagar This was my second visit to Gujarat this year and this time we travelled from north of Gujarat to the east towards Kutch. A very well curated 5 days itinerary by India...

Nirona Village – Handicrafts cluster of Gujarat

A Temple in Nirona Village, GujaratNirona Village- Handicrafts cluster of Gujarat India is known for its art, culture, heritage and handicrafts. Each state has its own form of heritage and art form. The legacy of most of the art forms is preserved in its original form...