Avathi Betta Lake

Trekking places near  Bangalore

Karnataka is true ‘One state many worlds’. I usually start my blogs with this phrase and the tagline of Karnataka Tourism. A traveller’s paradise, the state has a lot to offer. Bangalore, the state capital is an ideal location for amateur trekkers as it is blessed with numerous day treks nearby. Day treks in and around Bangalore are the perfect weekend getaway offering some fantastic and picturesque views. Some day treks near Bangalore are ideal if you want to start trekking or even if you are a seasoned trekker. Treks near Bangalore are a paradise for beginners and nature lovers. Listed below are few of the best trekking places near Bangalore. 


Anthargange Trek

Anthargange Trek/ Caves

Climb through the boulders and rocky terrain to explore the Anthargange caves and hilltop. Also known as Kashi of South, the base of Anthargange has a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is located at the foothills of Anthargange caves with a stream flowing non-stop. No one knows the origin of the stream, however, people gather in large numbers to visit the temple even if they are not trekking. You can take about 100 steps to reach the temple. The trek starts after the temple. Anthargange is more of a cave exploration than a trek. The thrilling, narrow, and challenging caves lead to magnificent views.

How to reach: Anthargange is about 65 km towards Kolar on NH 75

Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

Time required: 3- 4 hours

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Avathi Betta Trek

Just a perfect getaway from Bangalore for the whole family. The Avathi Betta trek is the easiest of all the treks I have done in the recent past. The backdrop of Avathi Lake offers mesmerizing views of the Nandi hills in the background. Walk or boat around the lake to spend some quality time with your loved ones. A hike to Avathi Betta is not an organized one and there are no directions or arrow marks. It is a DIY trek to be explored at your pace.

How to reach: Avathi Betta Lake is about 45 km from Bangalore towards Chikkballapur on NH44.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time required: 3- 4 hours

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Avathi Betta Lake/Trek

Madhugiri Fort trek

Madhugiri Fort Trek

One of the difficult, exciting, and thrilling treks around Bangalore is Madhugiri Fort Trek. The second largest monolithic rock in Asia provides you with an unimaginable adrenaline rush. A steep hike through the boulders on narrow edges will give you a rush of a lifetime. The ruins of the fort on the top of the hills are perfect backdrops for the photographs. There is a stretch in the trek which is very risky and challenging. One has to be careful while crossing that section of the trek. It is advisable not to trek Madhugiri fort during the rainy season as the hills and boulders get slippery and can be risky to climb. Madhugiri is one of the top trekking places near Bangalore for sure. 

How to reach: The trek is about 105 km from Bangalore towards Tumkuru on SH 3 and 9.

Difficulty Level: Moderate to difficult

Time required: 4- 5 hours

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Handi Gundi Betta Trek

A calm and serene trek that can be done at a slow pace enjoying the chirping of birds, lush greenery, lakeside trails, and hilly backdrops. The hills in the background like Ramadevera Betta, Kabbaladurga, and other tiny hills give majestic panoramic views. An easy trek that can be attempted easily by beginners to give them the pleasure of trekking. The hike takes you through the zigzag lush green trails and beautiful scenes.

How to reach: The trek is about 50 km from Bangalore towards Ramanagara.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time required: 3-4 hours

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Handi Gundi Betta

Makalidurga Trek

One of the most beautiful trails near Bangalore is Makali Druga. The highlight of the trek is the starting point from where the train crosses and the lake view. The misty hills and a train crossing from the foothills offer you a very dreamy view. The mesmerizing view of the lake which is in the shape of a map of Latin America is another highlight. The breathtaking views of Doddaballapur and neighbouring hills will leave you awestruck. The bushy green trails, misty hills, post-monsoon nip in the air, and views make the trek worth climbing. The boulder can be slippery and mossy after the rains, so one has to be a little careful. 

How to reach: The trek is about 60 km from Bangalore towards Doddaballapur /Tumakuru on SH 9

Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

Time required: 4-5 hours

Booked through: Karnataka Eco-Tourism Trails 

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Horangina Betta

A very easy and doable hike for beginners is Horagina Betta. If you are not able to climb the steps of Nandi Hills, consider Horagina Betta. A zig-zag narrow trail with tall thorny bushes, a small stretch of steep climb and some boulders takes you to the magnificent Horagina Betta. The mesmerizing views of Channagiri, Skandagiri, and Nandi hills will surely leave you in awe. It takes about 3-4 hours to complete the trek. Post-monsoon and winter are good times to trek to Horagina Betta. The misty hills and the temple on the top of the hills are something not to be missed. Horagina Betta is one of the easy trekking places near Bangalore.

How to reach: The trek is about 60 km from Bangalore towards Nandi Hills

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time required: 3-4 hours

Watch the complete video on Horagina Betta here.

Makalidurga Trek

Horagina Betta

Ramadevera Betta

As the name says, Ramadevera Betta is located in the land of Lord Rama. Also famous for the Hindi blockbuster ‘Sholay’ the trek is popular for its movie location. Most parts of the iconic movie were shot here. At a height of 3800 feet goes back 1000 years. The highlight of the trek is the view of the twin hills named Ram- Lakshmana. There are also a few ancient temples of Ganesha, Rama, and lord Shiva that can be reached by steps too. There are approximately 400 steps to reach the temples. Try reaching by sunrise, it’s amazingly beautiful. Ramadeverabetta is one of the most popular trekking places near Bangalore.

How to reach: The trek is about 60 km from Bangalore towards Ramanagara.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time required: 3-4 hours

Book Through: Karnataka Eco-Tourism

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Things to Remember

  1. Most of the treks are easy to moderate. Basic fitness is required to scale these heights.
  2. Trek with a well-worn pair of shoes with a good grip
  3. There is no food or water available on the trails. Ensure to carry food, energy bars, fruits, and at least 2 liters of hydration.
  4. Carry a windcheater /raincoat as it gets windy on the top.
  5. Wear proper caps, sunglasses, and sunscreen lotion.
  6. Carry your Identity Card wherever forest permission is required.
  7. Basic and necessary medication to be carried by individuals.
  8. Do not Litter. Bring your trash back. Keep the mountains clean.


Ramadevera Betta

Handi Gundi Betta

Antargange Trek