Avathi Betta Lake – A day Hike near Bangalore

Things Life is coming back to normalcy after the majority of the population has been vaccinated. But still, the government is taking all the necessary precautions so that there are no traffic jams in public places or at tourist locations. Even the hills around Bangalore are closed on weekends for trekking and hiking. But the trekkers, adventurists and nature enthusiasts are always looking for some getaway. Avathi Betta Lake Trek is the answer for everything one is looking for.
Avathi Betta and the lake is one of the most beautiful spots I visited recently. If you are looking out for an extraordinarily beautiful location, has not one but many hillocks, a lake and yet not crowded, head out to Avathi Betta Lake.
Just 50 km away from Bangalore, at the foothills of Nandi Hills is this Avathi Betta Lake. An unexplored serenity in the outskirts of Bangalore which is an ideal destination for families, solo trekkers, bikers, nature enthusiasts and women travellers. A very safe location is a photographer paradise.


What to Do and See

We, 2 friends, were out to climb Nandi Hills and to our bad, it was closed for hiking because of a public holiday. While loafing around in the car we discovered Avathi Lake, a water stream and some hillocks in the area. After so long we saw a place with absolutely no people. The whole area was ours.

Sri Lakshmi Timmaraya Swamy Temple

We parked our car at Sri Lakshmi Timmaraya Swamy Temple parking. Since we had planned for the trek and a long walk, we could not go inside the temple ( We were in our trekking attire. Being a responsible traveller, I make sure I respect the sentiments of local people and religious places). It was a festival and there were devotees offering prayers. The temple looks so serene. We plan to go there again. There are about 200 plus steps to the temple from the other side of the road. By then we had not explored the Betta and the lake. So in the process, we climbed the temple stairs twice. It was a good workout.
Strategically located, this beautiful temple offers you magnificent views of Nandi Hills, Horegina Betta, Savanadurga and Channagiri Hills. We spent some time there meditating peacefully overlooking the agricultural lands of local villagers. Bangalore and nearby areas are blessed with awesome weather and hence it was so soothing to just sit there admiring nature’s creation.

Avathi Lake

As we finished climbing steps to the temple, we walked on the other side. The road downhill was empty and was looking like no less than a filmy location. As we walked around the lake we saw a stream that was merging with the lake. Like a kid, we jumped into the water, played and took videos & photos. It was so refreshing to splash the water. Be careful as there is a lot of green moss which is slippery and chances of slipping are high. You might get hurt with the stones and pebbles around.
The stream meets the beautiful lake. Surrounded by a muddy but walkable trail, Avathi Lake is so so serene to just be there and spend time watching the landscapes. We walked and ran on the trail. There are tiny natural Naga Temples( as the local villagers believe). It was some festival that day so we could see the locals dressed in their best attire praying in these temples. Explore the area on foot. The lake has splendid views of neighbouring hills. There is no way you can soak up your feet in water the lakes but surely enjoy the views and take lots of photographs.

Avathi Betta Hike

There are no marked trails at Avathi Betta. This is because there is no movement since the pandemic. However, it’s a very small and an easy hike. A hill with beautiful boulders and rocks takes you up to the point from where you can enjoy the lush green landscapes consisting of the lake, muddy trails, a stream, beautiful sky and the neighbouring hills. Relax and spend some time on the rocks for that cool breeze and views.
It’s a very doable and kids friendly hike. But make sure you carry your food and water as nothing is available there. It is more like a day out with family and friends. Although there is no permission required from any authorities make sure you follow all the safety norms. Your safety is in your hands. Make sure you are near inhabited areas and do not play in and around the lake.

 How to reach

Avathi Betta /Lake is just 50 km away from Bangalore city limits. You can easily reach there by your vehicle. You can also take Bus from Kempegowda Bus Station to Devanahalli.

Google Location Map for Lakshmi Timmaraya Temple.


  1. It’s an easy and child-friendly hike.
  2. No permission is needed to visit the place.
  3. Carry your food and water.
  4. Take your sun protection.
  5. Do not litter. Bring your trash back with you.
  6. Do not disturb the locals and the temple atmosphere.
  7. If you plan to visit the temple, dress appropriately.
  8. There is a lot of walking so wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  9. There are no changing rooms so if you get wet in the stream, make sure you wear quick-dry clothes.
  10. Do not forget to carry a mask and sanitiser.