Incredible India !

Patan and Modhera

PATAN AND MODHERA IN GUJARAT  Tourism is limping back to normalcy and due to covid restrictions for travelling abroad, domestic tourism is seeing a boom. Gujarat is one state which is always on everyone’s bucket list. Even if you have been to the state many a time,...

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Dholavira- Top things to see and do

Dholavira, Gujarat - Things to do and see A road trip is something I always look forward to and one of such on my bucket list was Kutch- Bhuj region. After studying Harappan history in school, I don’t think so I remembered anything. But recently when Dholavira was...

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 Dhanushkodi- The Dead End! Once a flourishing town, Dhanushkodi, with schools, temples, railway station and a Church is now a tourist attraction. Visitors go there to see the beautiful riot of merging colours of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, ruins of an Old...

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