Niagara Falls – dream come true!!!
Like many others even I thought a day in Niagara would be enough, after all it’s just the Falls. I am glad I made it to 2 days but would highly recommend at least 3 days at Niagara. Many would have already researched things to do and see before coming to Niagara but still, there is so much that you can explore only by yourself.  Well, I am biased, the Canadian side of Falls or also known as Horse Shoe Falls is extremely beautiful and magnificent. I just didn’t get enough of it. The gushy fierce yet so calm, you can just keep admiring the falls.
Niagara Falls can be seen from various angles and spots. I decided to see it through all possible angles and trust me I couldn’t get enough of it. But when I say you can see falls from various angles, I mean it. I took a tour on a cruise which took us very close to the falls, Helicopter ride –the ariel view of the falls is indescribable, from the clock tower, from the Giant wheel, and of course while Zip lining. These are the possible ways to witness this nature’s extreme beauty.
There are a lot more at Niagara apart from the falls. It actually has so much to offer for every member of a family. The Clifton Hill area is something you would not like to miss.

Niagara Hornblower Cruise

The most spectacular and popular is the Hornblower Cruise which takes you right up to the falls. This is from the Canadian side but make sure you book your tickets in advance because almost everyone coming to Niagara takes this cruise and its always overcrowded. There is also a “Skip the line Hornblower Ticket” which takes you right down to the funicular to get on your cruise. There are self-serve kiosks onsite for buying tickets, but as I said better to book it in advance.
There are two levels in cruise. The lower level has seats for viewing the falls, just in case you do not want to get on the upper deck. But I did not see anyone seated at the lower deck. From the upper deck, the view of the falls is just spectacular. In spite of the poncho, the heavenly mist was touching you making you feel out of the world.

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WildPlay MistRider Ziplining

I have done Zip-lining before but was a little scared to this one. The huge open area over the falls and the view of falls made me little nervous. But by the time I prepared myself for the adventure, the 670 mt long Zip Line was over and I was on the other side of the Zip Lining. What a view !! I must say.

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I was a little sceptical whether to go on the sky wheel or not. To me, it looked like any other sky wheel meant for kids for a small ride. You have to go on the loop to see the falls from a unique perspective. You cannot miss the Sky wheel if you are strolling around Clifton Hill Area. It’s so huge that you can see it from anywhere or everywhere.
The SkyWheel is another way to get fabulous views for sure!

Skylon Tower

Yet another amazing way to get views of the falls. !
Even if you are scared of heights, you must go on till the top to get the 360-degree view of the falls and the surrounding area. This approximately 520 feet tower, opened in 1965 is located right there. You can also have your meals at a Revolving Restaurant with a view here.

Get some Bollywood moments at Queen Victoria Park

When I visited, i.e in June it was Tulips all over. I went gaga over red, yellow, lavender, orange, pink, you name it and the colour was there. If you follow Bollywood, you would know how important Tulip fields play an important role in screen romance. I too did not miss any opportunity to pose with exceptionally beautiful and healthy tulips amongst many other varieties of flowers. Just stroll along the Park to see falls on one side( you can see American side falls clearly from this side) and the beautiful roads, buildings and Clifton Hill area on the other.

Niagara Helicopter Tour

I have done a couple of Helicopter rides in various other places but this is my Best till date and I am sure will always be. An amazingly beautiful aerial view of the falls and surroundings is an experience which you will cherish for life. Do include this in your itinerary, but check the weather conditions before you reach there. The 12-15 minutes of a helicopter ride is subject to weather conditions.

IMAX Niagara Falls

If you want to know the history of the falls, The IMAX Theatre offers another unique experience to see Niagara. A massive pyramid building located in downtown and closer to hotels like Hilton is not to be missed which shows the videos of Miracles, Magic and Myths of the Falls. Not to be missed for sure.

Clifton Hill Attractions

I have been talking about the Clifton Hills area. What is it? You may ask. Well, it has everything for every age group. Clifton Hill area is the reason why I said you must plan your visit to Niagara for at least 2 nights 3 days even if you are not travelling with kids.
Clifton Hill is…… Irresistible! Packed with attractions, games, fun, food, museums, shops, etc. practically everything.
I went crazy with Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Dinosaur Adventure Golf, The House of Frankenstein, the Great Canadian Midway, Guinness World of Records, Louis Tussauds Wax Museum, Escape Rooms, bowling, Go Karting at the Niagara Speedway and more.

Food in Niagara

 You come out of one and stop by for an Icecream or a candy shop or popcorn and even some delicious chocolate and fudge and then head to another. There are all sorts of cuisines available from fine dining to express stores. Indian, Japanese, Italian Thai, Mughlai, I literally mean everything. Even if you do not want to sit and have a relaxed meal there are a lot of options for fast food like sandwiches, subway, burgers, etc. Being a vegetarian I could get enough food to choose from. Yes! There are a lot of options for vegetarian food. You must try the local Canadian Poutinerie, a preparation of fries with loads of cheese. When I say cheese it means a lot of variety and quantity of cheese.
The time just goes by.



  • Plan for 2-3 days trip at Niagara.
  • There are a lot of accommodations available. My take would be to not consider stay as your main agenda as you will be spending your maximum time outdoors.
  • Walk! Walk! Walk! Yes, be prepared to walk at least 5 miles a day if you have to see and do everything. There are taxis available, but my recommendation is to walk and explore the place.
  • Try to see and do all the attractions in the Clifton Hill Area, else you will regret later.
  • Do not worry about vegetarian food. There are plenty of vegetarian food options available.
  • Binge on Icecreams and Caramel Popcorns. Trust me they are out of the world.
  • Check for weather conditions before you book Helicopter ride. It is subject to weather conditions.
  • Other places to visit in Canada are Halifax and St. John’s in New Foundland