I got an opportunity to visit Ranong through invite by Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mumbai office and experience Sea Food. In spite of being vegetarian,I still had an awesome experience of vegetarian Thai Food as against the popular saying that vegetarians starve in Thailand. Being a Foodie I not only ate stomach full but heartfull also.

Ranong is a small province in Southern Thailand on the west coast located about 568 km from Bangkok. The province has very fewer inhabitants with limited tourist interest. However, the place is famous for its long rainy period, food and snorkeling.
It can be reached by Air, Train or bus with the nearest station as Chumphon. Ranong has a few things to see like Bald Hill, Hot Springs, waterfalls etc. Famous for its local cuisine and fine dining too, there are plenty of restaurants along the main road. The food in Ranong cooked traditional way is more popular than the new gen fast food.

Everything cooked here was in traditional Thailand way in Bamboo. I was impressed to see the fine straw made of bamboo for drinking coconut water. The rice, vegetables, curry, and other nonvegetarian delicacies were cooked in bamboo directly under fire. This was an amazing experience.