Amazing Thailand –  ‘Delivering Unique Experiences’

Amazing Thailand is one of the fastest countries to unlock inviting tourists from across the world. This has given hope to revive the country’s economy, which is largely dependent on tourism and for travellers to travel to a safer destination.
Thailand has always created travel trends for all segments. One of the salient features of Tourism products in  Amazing Thailand is delivering unique experiences.
A country with rich culture, cuisine, beautiful scenic locations and heritage are the most sought after country for all spheres of travellers. Thailand is a complete destination for luxury tourists to backpackers. Over the years I have travelled to Thailand a couple of times and have had a unique experience each time. Much before anyone could think of it, Thailand thought of Community-based Tourism, Village & Rural Tourism. This enriched tourists with a better understanding of the country’s culture and heritage, improve their work-life balance.  This also helped narrow the rich-poor income gap of the country by giving employment opportunities to the rural segment whilst offering unique experiences to the world.
One of the best ways to know about any country is to live there. Mere travelling or visiting for a few days, will not do any justice to the tourism aspect of any country. Experiential Travel or slow travel is the best way to know about the country for sure. Road trips are the best ways to travel in any country.
Thailand is great for a complete family holiday apart from young millennials offering them entertainment complexes, trails for biking, marathons, etc. Thailand keeps coming up with new strategies that encourage and attract women travellers for experiences in Thai boxing, culinary, textile, Meditation even adventure for relaxing, rejoicing, rediscovering, rebooting and rejuvenation.

Why should boys have all the fun??

Even though Bangkok has its uniqueness in food, shopping, architecture and much farther away, far away there is a rain-fed network of rivers, vast fields, nature parks, day and night markets from traditional lifestyles to modern cities. Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s initiatives on reviving heritage handicraft and handloom, creating awareness to protect the environment, Ecosystem learning centres, Hua Hin Artist village and other towns like Ranong Chumphon, Krabi, Hua Hin and Phetchaburi- Pranburi has some unique experiences.

Rediscover | Rejuvenate with Tree Top Adventures in KRABI

If you are an outdoor person do not miss any opportunity to experience this electrifying fun-filled adventure.  A highly recommended adventurous and thrilling activity in Krabi. Nestled in the middle of the dense forest, exciting, challenging and nail-biting activities can give an adrenaline rush even to a big-hearted fitness junkie. Zip-lining, Tarzan swings, skateboard, cycling, criss-cross walking on boards, walk on a tight rope, flying from one tree to another sitting on a stick and much more all at the height of 100 feet and more. Yes, you read it right at a height of 100 plus feet. A perfect place to test your fitness levels, conquer your fear of heights or just have fun. There are reasons which makes Thailand as Amazing Thailand.

An ideal place for all age groups to #rediscover # rejuvenate themselves!!!

Relax | Revive at Elephant Care Centre in CHIANG MAI

A perfect blend of an old and a new city, Chiang Mai is a cultural Hub for its temples, culture, real experience festivals, handicrafts and hospitality of local people. The scenic landscapes, old city charm, glamour of new-age generation and much more to see and experience in this beautiful city. Although Ko-Chang is called an elephant town it is only for its geographical appearance.
Get hands-on experience in playing, giving a bath, preparing food and feeding the orphaned elephants. Founded in 1976, the centre was the first camp in Thailand certified by the Department of Livestock. The centre was started keeping the thought in mind as to where did the elderly elephants live after they were not able to work or who took care when they were sick and what happened after they were dead. This centre takes care of elderly and sick elephants and buries them after their death in the same compound. The centre runs programmes from half-day to 2 days with a homestay. The programme includes making feed and feeding elephants, a relaxing bath for elephants, a mud spa, playing with elderly ones and visit the cemetery.

#Relax #Revive in this most loved shelter in Chiang Mai.


Reboot | Rejoice by Offering food to the Monks and take blessings  at HUA HIN

Hua Hin, a small but quaint and tranquil beach town is a perfect destination to reboot and rejoice in yourself. It is believed in Thailand that you are lucky if you get a chance to offer alms to Buddhist monks and seek their blessings. It is called Merit-making whereby one offers daily essentials to monks and get blessed not only by yourself but also by your ancestors. The divine feeling of being blessed by monks is something one must experience. We were privileged to seek blessing from monks by offering them their first meal of the day. Monks eat only twice a day and their first meal is early in the morning usually at sunrise. A perfect setting at the beach with sunrise in backdrop surely will reboot you.

#reboot #rejoice  by seeking blessings from Monks

Rejuvenate | Rejoice at the Art Centre in HUA HIN

 Stimulate an artist in you! As they say “VISIT THE VILLAGE! PHILOSOPHERS TRAVEL AND LEARN THE THAI WAY OF LIFE”. Also known as Artist Village, located just a short drive from Hua Hin is spread over 4 acres was founded in 1998 by Tavee Kesa-ngam, a renowned painter and Chumpon Donsakul, an art collector. A quaint place with large galleries of arts and antiques, an art studio, a house of sculptures and a coffee shop where one can test their skills in drawing and painting or learn while doing under their guidance. Several pieces of art sculptures are displayed at the entrance and spread over the entire village. There is a separate section for watercolour paintings. For art lovers, this cultural tourist attraction-cum- learning centre is worth a visit. Try your hands on, learn the art and enrich yourself with some skilful experience, some learnings. Show it off to your folks back home.

#Rejuvenate #Rejoice

Rediscover | Relax | Rejoice by Indulging in  traditional Thai Culinary  art and Balm making  at PETCHABURI- CHUMPHON

Phetchaburi is 123 km away and is about 2 hours drive from Bangkok. Predominantly an agricultural province, the city is one of the oldest datings to 8th Century in Thailand. In addition to various beaches, parks, caves and palaces, the city has its unique cultural and learning centres. Visit to Petchaburi will be incomplete if you have not visited the Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Park.
Spread across 142 acres, this land was once degraded when His Majesty the King took over and made it into an agro-tourism site based on an integrated farming system, for environmental conservation and forest rehabilitation. The park is approximately 65 km from Chumphon town. You will learn about sustainable agriculture that protects the environment, public health, human communities and animal welfare.
Try your hands in preparing Thai cuisine, the traditional way in wood fire cooked in bamboo tubes.  Who says vegetarians cannot enjoy food in Thailand. I have had the best vegetarian meal in Thailand, that too in the forest. The raw local flavours of natural ingredients make the ordinary meal so special. The vegetarians can also enjoy the delicacies of fresh flowers from the park mixed with natural herbs deep fried and served with warmth and love. Also, read the blog on Vegetarian Thai Food.
You can also learn to make pain relieving herbal compress balls and herbal balm for aches and colds. These balms and compress balls are made of natural ingredients sourced locally from the farm. The ingredients used at home like ginger, turmeric, lemongrass and some herbs are mostly used in a simpler way to make these products.
 Thailand surely knows the future trends and are always ready to deliver unique experiences in their traditional way leaving travellers in awe.

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