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Travelling Tips post COVID -19 Lockdown – 2020

2020- The year of COVID-19 The year 2020 will be etched in history especially for the travel and tourism industry. Travel, hospitality, events and tourism came to a standstill. But ‘Once a traveller always a traveller’ and no one can stop a traveller from travelling....

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Kachori- The traditional breakfast in North India

KACHORI- THE TRADITIONAL BREAKFAST IN NORTH INDIA You call it Kachori or Khasta or Khasta Kachori, the taste of this lip-smacking breakfast delicacy will remain the same. No one knows how, when and where Kachori was originated but it is definitely either from...

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Age is just a number!!

If you think trekking/hiking for women is not everyone’s cup of tea after the age of 40, then you are mistaken. It’s you, who have to break this myth as I did.

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NIAGARA-Falls and much more

Like many others even I thought a day in Niagara would be enough, after all its just the Falls. I am glad I made it to 2 days but would highly recommend at least 3 days at Niagara. Many would have already researched about things to do and see before coming to Niagara...

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Unplug yourself in Kookal

I am always looking at offbeat destinations or what we call it as experiential travel. Yes!  enough of doing all that touristy stuff be it Hill station, Beach or multi-storey skyline modern cities with new age attractions. I am always looking at challenging myself to...

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A Day Trip to Lepakshi

The place attracts not only pilgrims but also people with interest in history, architecture, archaeology and even adventurers.

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