You call it Kachori or Khasta or Khasta Kachori, the taste of this lip-smacking breakfast delicacy will remain the same. No one knows how, when and where Kachori was originated but it is definitely either from Rajasthan or Uttar Pradesh because these are the two states where you get the best and the most varieties of Kachoris.


Mathura –Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh is the hub for the most delicious and authentic Kachoris. Originally Kachoris are served with Potato curry( Aloo Sabzi), Curd, Chutneys and pumpkin sabzi. Kachori – Jalebi is the staple breakfast in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. This authentic breakfast also called as ‘ Kalevar’ or ‘Kaleu’ is something one should ask for.  Other cities in Uttar Pradesh like Benaras, Aligarh and Lucknow are also famous for Kachori –Aloo breakfast or snack meal and is served with a different combination. In Aligarh, it is served with simple aloo sabzi and ‘Mattha’, thin curd savoured with black salt and cumin. There are several varieties available like Moong dal or lentils, aloo( potato), gram flour and peas. In Rajasthan, you also get Onion Kachoris. Brijwasi Mishthan is the oldest Sweet shop in Mathura and Vrindaban serving the best Kachories and other sweets since ages. The moment you land in these two cities, the locals will ask you’ yahan ka kachori – jalebi na khaya to kya khaya’. Even the residents do not cook at home, they generally buy from or eat at the shop.


The Kachoris have travelled from Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan to Delhi and has become ‘Raj Kachori’, served with mint chutney, tamarind chutney and curd and is the most sought street food of Delhi. So make sure when you are in Delhi not to miss Raj Kachori. These are available at most of the sweet shops like @Bikaner Wala, @Om Sweets, @Haldiram, @Bengali sweets at Bengali Market etc.

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Image Courtesy @Cordgallivanter 

Gujarat also serves one of the best Kachoris but with a twist. Like in all other dishes, kachoris also have a little sugar and are not served with aloo ki sabzi but with Green chilly pickle and thin curd kadhi.

Since many years Kachori aloo has become the staple breakfast in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Jalebis ( Indian Sweet ) and masala chai ( Spiced Tea) or Sweet Lassi adds a perfect combination to complete the breakfast. Next time when you are in India and visit Matura, Vrindaban,  Jaipur and Delhi add this irresistible mouthwatering sumptuous breakfast to your itinerary.