Roads were made for Journeys not Destinations

Road Trip in Thailand

A well-planned road trip from Bangkok to Chanthaburi via Chonburi can give totally a new experience crossing countryside from small towns satisfying your soul with the greenery and lush landscapes of Thailand.

Netravathi Trek

Netravathi Peak Trek- Discover the Untamed Beauty in Karnataka Walking through the lush green forests, freshwater streams gushing during monsoon, misty meadows, chirping of birds, slushy trails and cold breeze of mountains, is what we see and feel in all the treks....

Madhugiri Trek- Rock of all ages

Madhugiri Trek- Rock of all ages

Madhugiri is famous for its Madhugiri Fort which is a quite popular amongst trekkers. Ruins of Madhugiri Fort lies atop the steep hill of height 3950 ft approximately and is quite an adventurous trek.


Kaiwara Trek Rocks!!!!   As the Karnataka Tourism’s tag line says “One State Many Worlds”, the state is truly rich in culture, heritage, cuisine, Wildlife, Spirituality and much more. I am fascinated by the landscapes of boulders and rocks all over the state. This is...

NIAGARA-Falls and much more

NIAGARA FALLS Niagara Falls - dream come true!!! Like many others even I thought a day in Niagara would be enough, after all it's just the Falls. I am glad I made it to 2 days but would highly recommend at least 3 days at Niagara. Many would have already researched...


HANDI GUNDI BETTA TREK The advantage of being in Karnataka ‘One state many worlds’, is that we get to see everything we wish for. Bangalore has the added advantage of so many Bettas or hillocks within the range of 60-80 km. These hillocks are perfect weekend getaways...

Makali Durga Trek- An ideal day trek from Bangalore

The lush green trails, rocky hills, beautiful weather, dark clouds all over, view of a lake and other hills, ruins of a fort and a temple, the whole view is just so so mesmerising. I am here at Makali Durga Trek, a perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore for trekkers,...

Ko Chang – The Elephant Island

Ko Chang – The Elephant Island
An island of lovely sandy beaches, coral reefs, tranquil fishing villages and many beautiful waterfalls is worth a visit.

Kolukkumalai Trek-Highest Tea Estate in the World

Heaven on Earth!!! Trek up to the World’s Highest Organic Tea Estate in Kolukkumalai for an inexplicable experience!

Unplug yourself in Kookal

I am always looking at offbeat destinations or what we call it as experiential travel. Yes!  enough of doing all that touristy stuff be it Hill station, Beach or multi-storey skyline modern cities with new age attractions. I am always looking at challenging myself to...