Roads were made for Journeys not Destinations


 Dhanushkodi- The Dead End! Once a flourishing town, Dhanushkodi, with schools, temples, railway station and a Church is now a tourist attraction. Visitors go there to see the beautiful riot of merging colours of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, ruins of an Old...

NIAGARA-Falls and much more

NIAGARA FALLS Niagara Falls - dream come true!!! Like many others even I thought a day in Niagara would be enough, after all it's just the Falls. I am glad I made it to 2 days but would highly recommend at least 3 days at Niagara. Many would have already researched...

Chiang Mai- the oldest ‘New City’

Chiang Mai- the oldest ‘New City’

The hub of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is the oldest and fifth largest city situated at an elevation of 316 m is surrounded by mountains and lush country side. Also called as ‘Rose of the North’, Chiang Mai means ‘New City’ as it became the new capital of the Lan Na Kingdom founded in 1296

Honnemaradu- An Ecstasy for Adventure Enthusiasts

HONNEMARADU- An ecstasy for adventure enthusiasts

For those who are looking for a relaxed holiday with adventure Honnemaradu is the answer. An ideal place in the midst of serenity for adventure enthusiasts which offers everything like trekking, canoeing, boating, swimming in open waters, kayaking, camping and bonfire is Honnemaradu.

Bheemeshwari Adventure and Nature Camp- an ideal weekend getaway for nature lovers

Evening at Bheemeshwari Adventure CampBheemeshwari Adventure and Nature Camp- an ideal weekend getaway for nature lovers  It was our first experience in a coracle boat in the revered Cauvery River. The perfect and beautiful picturesque setting when the sun was about...

Belur Chennakeshava Temple – An architectural Marvel of the Hoysala Dynasty

BELUR - CHENNAKESHAVA TEMPLE, HASSAN, KARNATAKAChennakeshava Temple, Belur- History The historic twin towns of Karnataka, namely Belur ( Beluru)  and Halebid ( Halebidu) represent the brilliant and astonishing craftsmanship of the Hoysala architecture in Hassan...

KHEERGANGA- A peak of myths and beliefs

I wanted to adventure a solo trek that could be comfortably done with a moderate fitness level and is safe for the single woman traveler. With all the hitches from family and absolutely no research on the internet, I zeroed in on Kheerganga Trek.My first solo trip,...

Road Trip from Capital to Summer Capital

A Road trip from Capital to Summer Capital of India
Although our Prime Minister has launched UDAN ( Ude Desh ka Har Nagrik which means every citizen of the country can fly) with introductory short distance flight from Delhi to Shimla, a road trip on the same route is worth the experience.

Channagiri- A day trek for beginners

With the total height of approximately 1350 meters above the sea level, the trek to Channagiri is easy to moderate of about 3 km and takes about two to two and half hours to complete.


The Vistadome CoachCharging points at every seatEverything you want to know about Coach Capture the most scenic views not just with your cameras but also in memories too! Did you know there are as many as 45 trains in India having vistadome Coaches? These coaches are...