Kaiwara Trek Rocks!!!!  

As the Karnataka Tourism’s tag line says “One State Many Worlds”, the state is truly rich in culture, heritage, cuisine, Wildlife, Spirituality and much more. I am fascinated by the landscapes of boulders and rocks all over the state. This is the reason why Karnataka is the most preferred state in South India for trekkers, photographers, nature lovers and for those who are always seeking tranquillity. The options are endless.  For sure.

About Kaiwara

Although my intent was trekking Kaiwara which is home to many temples and historical sites and is truly a pilgrimage with great mythological significance. The place is famous for Karnataka’s great bilingual poet Sri Yogi Kaiwara Narayana Taatha, also known as Thataiyya. It is believed that he meditated at the hills of Kaiwara and hence the name. Kaiwara also has various stories attached to Ramayana and Mahabharata. A small zoo and a National Park is also maintained by the Forest Department with few animals and birds. The place is definitely for those who believe in mythology especially Ramayana and Mahabharata as the place offers the views of hills where once legends lived and will leave you spellbound.

About Kaiwara Trek

Located just 65 km away from Bangalore, Kaiwara is a treat for adventure fanatics. Karnataka is popular for its rocky hills apart from the other attractions. In Kaiwara too, you will treasure some stunning views of nature’s gift to the state.

Head towards  Chintamani Taluk in Chakballapur, Kaiwara Trek is enthralling and jagged yet offering some of the most beautiful views. The trek starts at the main gate of Kaiwara Tapovan, the Zoo at Shamarahosapete village and ends at Mylapurabetta Viewpoint. Huge rocks and boulders, steep and tough terrain make this trek a difficult one but worth the scenery.  Just 6-7 km away from Kaiwara is Kailasha Giri which is famous for cave temples like Ambaji Durga, Ananta Padmanabha and Chenna Keshava cave temples. These temples can be seen from the top of Kaiwara hills.

It takes about 2-3 hours to climb to the top. Despite rocky hills, there are lots of green trees to give that shade for you to rest in between. Take your time to climb and enjoy the trails and the view as the descend is quite strenuous and you may not be able to enjoy as much. But if you are a regular trekker it will be a cakewalk for you.

The trek is managed by Department of Forest, Karnataka Government and can be booked online at www.myecotrip.com. The trekking hills are also known as Bheema Bakasura not meant for beginners. The whole trail is a rocky one and should not be attempted to climb without assistance especially after rains. Lush green bushes, rocky and zig-zag trail, misty hills, and mesmerising views make this trek an outstanding experience.

To reach and stay

To reach Kaiwara one can either take Bangalore- Hoskote Route or Bangalore- Devanahalli-Bijayapura-Kaiwara route. Ideally one should plan to stay at Chintamani taluk a night before and start early morning for the trek. The Chikballapur Junction is the closest railway station. Buses and taxis ply regularly from the station to the nearest temple. It becomes scorching hot if it is a sunny day. There are accommodation options like temple ashram and budget hotels available at Chintamani.

Best time to visit

As Kaiwara receives heavy rain, it’s best to visit/trek in  June to February. The summers can be really hot and can cause fatigue.


The year 2020 has been hard for everyone, especially for tourism. Things have started moving slowly and it becomes our responsibility to travel safely.

 ‘Being Responsible’  wherein the practice of Wearing Masks, washing of hands with Soap and Social distancing should be the norm for safe travel to reduce the spread of COVID-19.



  1. Kaiwara is a day trek and can be finished in 5-6 hours all together.

  2. The trek comes under Eco Trips managed by Department of Forest, Karnataka Government, hence one has to take permission for the trek and there is a charge of Rs.250 per person.

  3. The trek level is a difficult one but is exciting.

  4. Plan to stay a night at Chintamani, just 11 km away from Kaiwara and start early morning for the trek.

  5. Carry your food and water as nothing is available on the top or in between.

  6. There are no washrooms or public toilets.

  7. Carry a cap if you are going in summers, a rain cheater during monsoon and a sweatshirt in winters.

  8. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear( shoes with a good grip).

  9. Do not litter.

  10. Don’t just Trek, enjoy it.

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