My first monsoon trek and I wasn’t sure whether I will be able to trek this fort. Thanks to my fellow trekkers who motivated and made this almost 20 km trek a cake walk for me. Rajmachi Fort trek promises you with lush green mountains, deep valleys, steep edges, village life and food, amazing trails and beautiful remains of the Fort.

About Rajmachi Fort

Situated in the hills of Sahyadri mountains in the Western Ghats, Rajmachi Fort was built in 17th Century by Shivaji Maharaj. Rajmachi Fort is located in Karjat region and can be reached from either Mumbai, Pune or Lonavala. The Fort lies at a height of 2700 feet and is one of the most sought treks during monsoon.
Rajmachi Fort consists of two citadels namely Shrivardhan and Manaranjan Forts and can be climbed either of two or both if you have time and the zing.   Enroute you will see Kondane caves, an ancient Buddhist caves supposedly carved during 200 BC. The remains of these caves are still worthwhile as they depict the lifestyle of Buddhist followers.

About the trek

Not just the magnificent view from the top, which provides you with an amazing misty lush green valley, the trek also takes you through the mesmerizing landscapes, trail and the dense forests. The trek is popular amongst trekkers, travellers and nature lovers.
We took a train from Pune to Karjat village, from where we actually started walking up to the village where we spent the night. Yes! We did stay in the village at one of the villager’s houses who provided us with basic food and shelter. Trust me the food was really good freshly made in clean surroundings and was served hot. There are camping options available too.
The trek is a moderate level trek and can be done effortlessly even by beginners.  Actually, ardent trekkers trek from Lonavala to Rajmachi Fort which is about 15 km and is a plain trail and easily doable.  While from the Karjat village it’s a steep climb up to the fort and takes about 3-4 hours. One has to very careful during monsoons as the trail becomes slushy and slippery. Carry a good pair of trekking shoes.
We enjoyed the trek from both the routes. Climbed from one side and descended from the other. The climb was steep but there is a clear trail and can be done even without a guide. The descend from Lonawala side is a smooth but a long walk. We walked up to Lonawala railway station which is around 15 km. There are vehicles available at the base to take you to the city, just in case you feel tired after the trek.

Time to Visit

The Western Ghats are the most beautiful during monsoon with soaking green lush dense forests. But as beginner one must be careful as it becomes slippery and dangerous.
Summers are really hot and dry and should be avoided. Hence, June to January is the best season to visit and trek Rajmachi Fort.

Quick Tips:

  • Rajmachi Fort is in Maharashtra and can be reached from Karjat station or Lonavala.
  • It’s a moderate level trek and can be easily done by beginners.
  • It’s about 3000 feet high and takes about 3-4 hours each way with a total distance of approximately 14 km.
  • Best time to visit in between June to January.
  • Carry good trekking shoes, as it tends to get slippery.
  • Carry raincoat, umbrella and basic medication.
It is definitely a trekkers paradise. Witness the lush green mountains with an amazingly beautiful and serene view atop.

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