As a little girl whenever I travelled, my father showed me the world, exactly how I had read and imagined. I have a very fond memory of how he strung stories about each station the train would stop at. He would epitomise the geography, culture, people, language and why each station, village, town, city and state were famous for. With such a diverse country like India, one thing which united us across state borders was Chai / Coffee. Tea / Coffee sessions in India have so much life, it is not just about having a cup of tea or coffee.

From Nukkad  Chai to Café

When I talk about tea whether it is a young couple bonding over morning tea, parents in the house having masala tea with biscuits, a flock of young students riding on the highway and stopping over at a tea stall, the Nukkad ( Corner ) Chai wala where the budding political party workers gang up and discuss politics or the Panchayat ( local governing body)  in a village having chai under a tree, there is an expression of love, a celebration, feeling of belongingness and so many emotions over Chai (Tea). The flavours of Tea and Coffee vary every 100 km in India. Starting from the North where it is more of a boiled masala chai with sugar and milk to the East where it is Black tea with a dash of lemon and rock salt makes this a famous Kolkata Lebu chai! Chai is a perfect beverage on a chilly winter evening, rainy day, in summers …. basically any day! And not to forget our world-famous filter Kapi!!!
Things evolved to Café’ hangouts and Coffee culture became the name in every household in most of the urban cities and even the fastest growing tier-II cities. However, the hot Chai/Tea still made a room on Coffee Menu. The conversations have changed but the love for meeting over Tea and Coffee remains the same. From homes to Coffee/Tea Joints the venue may have travelled the feelings have not.

Handcrafted in India

Having said that, something which is constant in the whole scenario is the love for hand made mugs. The kulhads  ( earthen teacups), Porcelain and even the clay mugs, they all add value to the conversations even conversation starters at times. Even the Indian Railways after their many years of using plastic teacups are back with earthen Kulhads! India never fails to amuse people across the world with its art and handicrafts. The pottery, be it Geological Indication ( GI)  Khurja Pottery from Khurja, a small town in Uttar Pradesh, Blue Pottery from Jaipur and even Ceramics from Pondicherry they all amaze with their craftsmanship. They showcase the finest art from India to the rest of the world.  
When I have to pick up these handcrafted products, I prefer www.exclusivelane.com who believe in preserving the Indian traditional art and handicrafts, helping small artisans in their economic upliftment and enhancing their skills to match the products at par in International markets. Started in 2012, www.ExclusiveLane.com is an online craft brand masters providing world-class products yet maintaining the tradition and heritage of our country. They are known to exhibit diversity and heritage & authentic products to urban consumers at an affordable price, preserving traditional art. ExclusiveLane aims to maximize the use of the handicraft in urban India and overseas and let the ancient traditional artisan know their international importance through their widespread talent in the easiest way.

ExclusiveLane Collection

Take an example of their Hut Collection which represents the pastoral village of Puducherry in South India. These are ceramic mugs and platters depicting a serene image of a village with huts, moon, sun, birds and trees handpainted by skilled artisans. You can easily feel the life in your hands. Each product in this collection like mugs, bowls, dinner plates and other home accessories are carefully crafted and you would love to keep adding them to enhance the looks of every corner in your home. 
The Moroccan Blossoms collection take me straight to the Blue city of Morocco, the city of heavenly flowers, dancing butterflies and the blue colour symbolising the sky, heaven, peace and calm.
As an ardent nature lover, I keep visiting the  400 years old Big Banyan Tree near Bangalore. Inspired by this tree, the Banyan Marvels collection by ExclusiveLane captures the facets of its holy leaf draped in pastel shades of fern & tea green and chestnut strokes. It just gives you the essence of the feel of how nature plays such an important role in our lives.
With ExclusiveLane you can easily style your home in erratic European, Classy Italian or traditional Indian look and add more life to it. So, what are you waiting for?