Destination Marketing/ Representation 

Closely Associated with  Singapore Tourism Board for three years. During my tenure, I was responsible for representing STB in South India especially Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana.   A key role is to maintain a physical presence on behalf of STB Bangalore and manage interactions with the travel trade and consumers in South India. Destination Marketing and Representation services in South India with expertise in organizing Road Shows, Travel Trade connect, and Partnerships. 

Roles and responsibilities as Marketing Representative:

a) Marketing b) Business Development c) Market Intelligence d) Crisis Management e) General Administration f) Third-Party Suppliers g) Event Organization

  • To implement the STB market strategy in the market by market penetration into key cities, engage, grow & sustain relationships with Travel Trade partners, Airlines Partners, Corporate and Media  Partners and gathering Market intelligence related to Tourism & Non – Tourism
  • To help grow the market by suggesting experiential travel from Bangalore .market
  • To deepen and cultivate partnerships with the selected
  • To furnish Market Intelligence- report on happenings etc at the regional
  • Any ongoing/Run Projects-to to be coordinated at a regional level.
  • Identify and nurture Technology-based partnerships helping to identify potential leads in the Bangalore tech industry.
  • Execution of Roadshows and other promotional events in South India by liaising and negotiations with hotels, sending over initiations to travel trade, and third-party
  • Coordinating FAM for corporate and Travel Trade at the regional
  • To effectively plan and execute STB’s marketing strategies, develop trade partnerships and disseminate key campaign messages in South India
  • To obtain timely and accurate updates on the market landscapes in South India and leads to potential business opportunities so that STB India can effectively target the appropriate customers.
  • Lead and coordinated all aspects of conferences, and regional events, including pre-planning, onsite execution, and post-event wrap-up.
  • Effectively coordinated Roadshows and B2C consumer events like Mall Promotion.
  • Been instrumental in Paytm – Singapore tie-up for the campaign.

With a wide network and close association with the travel trade in South India, I am open to the representation of International and National Tourism Boards in India. To know more about Meenakshi Gupta Click here